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SALVIt - Studio, Archivio e Lessico dei Volgarizzamenti Italiani
Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana,
ms. Antinori 150, cc. 2v-3r:
anonymous vulgarisation
of Liber Almansoris
attributed to Gherardo da Cremona.

The project CASVI, developed and completed over two years (2006-2008), has been replaced by its last version SALVIt at www.salvit.org.


The CASVI project (Census, recording and study of Italian vulgarisations) promotes the study of the textual tradition of Italian vulgarisations; in addition it provides linguistic and philological editions and analyses of individual texts. CASVI develops and publishes on line, in conjunction with the TLIoN project, a repertoire of files divided by author and text of the vulgarisations produced and circulating in southern Italy (including Sicily) from the origins to Bembo’s time. For specific lines of research, for instance technical-scientific texts taken as typologically significant samples, the survey covers all of the national territory. The survey of these lines of research beyond the southern boundaries extends the reference geography and, with the help of some bio-bibliographical files and the publication of some significant texts, it outlines a broader plan of survey of such vulgarisations, to be extended in the future to the whole body of texts and the whole national territory. Every file of the repertoire contains a full list of manuscript and printed samples and specific references.

The CASVI databank can be freely consulted.

The project brings together lecturers of Italian and foreign universities, qualified researchers and apprentice researchers; it is the fruit of a cooperation of groups working in similar areas of research and is open to further contributions.