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SALVIt - Studio, Archivio e Lessico dei Volgarizzamenti Italiani
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Under specific agreements and arrangements, CASVI takes part in parallel projects and assists research organisations sharing the same interests.
University Library
ms. Hunter 374, c. 4r:
Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae.

Related projects

The management software of the CASVI databank was developed from the TLIoN, model, of which it shares the technology. The CASVI project cooperates with ENAV – National Edition of Ancient Vulgarisations of Latin Texts into Italian Vernaculars (president: Claudio Ciociola).


The CASVI project has been sponsored by MIUR-Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research as part of PRIN 2005, "Census, recording and study of Italian vulgarisations (CASVI)".