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SALVIt - Studio, Archivio e Lessico dei Volgarizzamenti Italiani
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Vatican City,
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana,
Vat. Ross. 379, c. 15r:
anonymous vulgarisation
of of De balneis Puteolanis
by Pietro da Eboli.
The CASVI databank collects the results of the regular selection of general and specific repertoires, catalogues, studies, and the results of direct surveys of manuscripts and printed materials. The review of direct or indirect sources is instrumental to the reconstruction of a general picture of such vulgarisations that for the first time are classified according to appropriate, consistent criteria.

The classification of such materials is completed by surveys of the cultural background and milieus in which such vulgarisation came to be produced, circulation methods, types of readers, etc; some significant works are published in order to check, extensively and in different specific circumstances, some general assumptions suggested by the survey of such texts.

The paper and electronic records resulting from such operations and built according to functional, consistent criteria will be publicly consultable.

In addition, the project aims at integrating ongoing initiatives and testing work-tools that have been partly adopted by other groups. The CASVI records can integrate the materials collected for the edition of the two largest lexicographic works on the Italian language existing today, Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (OVI, directed by Pietro Beltrami - Firenze, CNR / Accademia della Crusca), and Lessico Etimologico Italiano (LEI, directed by Max Pfister and Wolfgang Schweickard – Saarbrücken).

Participants are grouped into Research Units.

General information

The CASVI project, approved by MIUR-Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research as part of PRIN 2005, "Census, recording and study of Italian vulgarisations”, studies Italian vulgarisations and develops a repertoire of textual and bibliographical files that fulfil consistent scientific criteria of a codex, philological and historical-linguistic nature.

Research Units

The partners of the CASVI project are Università del Salento (contact: R. Coluccia, national coordinator), Università della Basilicata (contact: E. A. Giordano), Università di Catania (contact: M. Spampinato), Università di Torino (contact: A. Vitale Brovarone) and Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (contact: C. Ciociola). Each partner has its own Research Units, in charge of specific tasks based on a coordinated plan.

Università del Salento, Unità di Lecce
Università di Catania, Unità di Catania
Scuola Normale Superiore, Unità di Pisa
Università della Basilicata, Unità di Potenza
Università di Torino, Unità di Torino